Hindu Community Institute (HCI) is a California non-profit 501(c)(3) educational institution, located in Milpitas, CA 95035. HCI was founded in 2018 by SF Bay Area professionals to serve the community by integrating contemporary knowledge, technologies and Hindu wisdom. 


HCI is committed to enhancing the quality of life through three distinct avenues,

1) Service-Learning (CHT Course): Help professionals learn to serve through the Counselor of Hindu Tradition (CHT) course. Trained CHT's serve through  self-organized service network

2) Social Infrastructure (Online and Call-in system): Create a readily available, state-of-the-art system for guidance on Hindu wisdom tradition and the quality of life

3) Process Excellence (Field Operations Manual): Professionalize the delivery of community services through open-source processes and model collaboration between Hindu-Vedic and Interfaith service organizations


Rooted in the Hindu tradition of inclusiveness, HCI intends for its programs and services to be available to all people, regardless of their beliefs, origin or affiliation (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, the universal family).

HCI programs and services are intended to complement those provided by traditional Hindu temples, Hindu/Vedic organizations as well as other service and interfaith organizations



An active Board manages HCI, with each Director carrying functional and faculty responsibilities.  The founding team provided the seed funding of HCI, with near-future plans for community fundraising for support and growth.  HCI also utilizes the informal currency of Om Dollars to recognize and acknowledge the equivalent monetary value of volunteer contributions.


HCI is governed by an active Board of Directors with functional responsibilities. It is supported by volunteer leadership in counseling, public relations, and accounting.



Kailash Joshi

Head, Strategy and Oversight
Community Needs

Kailash Joshi, PhD, retired  IBM division GM, has been engaged in managing  positions and mentoring of entrepreneurs and startups in Silicon Valley . He has also devoted significant time in community  causes and charitable work, He is a co-founder of TiE (www.TiE.org) and AIF (www.aifoundation.org) and  helped build half a dozen  other public service and educational organizations.  Mr Joshi holds a BE degree from IISC, Bangalore, MS degree from Washington  State university, PhD degree from Cornell University and DSc (Hon.) from Garhwal University, India. Mr Joshi draws great satisfaction from ready  access to grandchildren, son, daughter-in-law, and close friends around the world. 

Mukund Acharya

Board Member, Head , Community Service Quality and Excellence
Community Service Quality and Excellence

Mukund Acharya, PhD is a social entrepreneur.
He co-founded Sukham (www.sukham.org), to promote healthy aging, living well and preparing for life's transitions amongst the Bay Area South Asians. At Stanford Hospital and School of Medicine he works on palliative care design, is a Patient/Family Partner, and the patient voice on three hospital committees. A graduate of IIT Bombay and a Stanford PhD, he had a distinguished 40-year career in Aerospace on three continents as professor, scientist and technologist. One of his greatest joys is to be with his three grandchildren, son and daughter-in-law.

Punit Mahendru

Resident Faculty

Dr Punit Mahendru is a practicing psychologist for over 25 years. She is currently
working as a senior staff psychologist at Kaiser Permanente in Fremont, California. She
works with adults experiencing mental health concerns. Her therapeutic approach is
integrative, hence she combines different evidence-based therapy techniques with
alternative and holistic approaches such as mindfulness.


Dr Mahendru did her Ph.D. from Rutgers University in New Jersey and her M.Phil. from
National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences in Bangalore, India.
Dr Mahendru has taught as Adjunct Faculty at several state and private university and
colleges in the U.S. In her spare time Dr Mahendru enjoys karaoke singing, gardening, poetry, spending time with family and friends and learning homeopathy.

Gaurav Rastogi

Board Member, Dean, Admin and Institutional Relationships
Hindu Wisdom Tradition

Gaurav Rastogi is an entrepreneur with twenty+ years of executive experience in Infosys and AI startups. He is an interfaith Hindu leader, a Dhyana meditation and yoga teacher (ERYT 200), and Founder of (www.livingdeeplyfoundation.org) Living Deeply Foundation. He is the author of two business books, one eBook on meditation, and a running podcast on meditation. Mr Rastogi holds a Mechanical Engineering undergrad from Delhi Technological University (DCE), and an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. He loves to teach, write and create wonderful things that make the world a better place. His next project is the “Yoga of Living Deeply™”.  He lives in the Bay Area with his wife, son and daughter. 

Mangala Kumar

Board Member, Head, Field Operations
Field Operations

Mangala Kumar earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Bangalore University and for over 25 years held Senior Management positions in Product Management, Marketing and Business Development while at Nortel, Siemens Communications and Aspect Communications. She is involved with several Bay area Non-profit community service organizations such as One School at a time (OSAAT.org) and Sukham (sukham.org), and served as Executive Director of India Community Service Center (ICSC) and Senior Director of Programs at India Community Center. She feels very blessed to be able to use her time and energy to serve the community. Mangala lives in the Bay area with her husband and son.

Naras Bhat

Board Member (2018-19) and Dean (2018-19)

Naras Bhat, MD FACP, is a doctor, professor, author and leader. As a doctor, he is a board-certified specialist in Internal Medicine, Obesity Medicine, Sleep Medicine, Metabolic Cardiology, Allergy and Immunology, and Biofeedback. He practices integrative medicine at Concord, Antioch, and Walnut Creek, CA. He is a pioneer in detecting and treating coronary artery disease in Indian diaspora. He is one of the founders of South Asian Heart Center. He teaches at Saybrook University, UC Berkeley, and Better Physiology Institute (https://www.bp.edu/). In his spare time, he teaches tennis, skiing, and swimming to his grandchildren, and lectures with his wife on health, happiness and heart disease. 



Hindu Community Institute is a 501c(3) non-profit California corporation dedicated to service learning