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Founded in the SF Bay Area, Hindu Community Institute (HCI) is the first-of-its-kind service learning institution for the global Hindu diaspora. It provides a strong platform for universal community service founded on Hindu tradition and wisdom.

HCI is a California non-profit 501(c)(3) service-learning institution. HCI was founded in 2018 by SF Bay Area professionals driven by a need to  develop much needed community service solutions, by integrating Hindu wisdom, knowledge of humanities and  contemporary technologies. 

The founding group recognized that the highly accomplished and affluent global Hindu diaspora community also needs to pass on to the future generations the gems of Bhagavad Gita, combined with the spirit of giving back to the community. The founding principle for HCI is one of “by the community, for the community”. While open to the participation of the community at large, the special focus group for HCI  services are the 60+ population and young families.

Mission and Vision

The core mission of HCI is to offer learn-to-serve education, tied to Hindu tradition and community services, that enhances the wellness and quality of life of the community at large. The vision of HCI is to become a highly respected, accredited institution that continually develops and offers innovative solutions related to its core mission.


The vision also encompasses HCI having the elements of excellence that continue to attract top talent to its Board, Management, and the programs.

 Values and Beliefs 

Model Institution: The governance, operations, and community services of HCI will follow the highest standards, such that other institutions and communities may also find it attractive to replicate.

Inclusiveness & Equality: Initiatives will be inclusive and respectful of all schools of thought, philosophies, beliefs, and practices of the “Hindu diversity”. At the individual level, the use of the term ‘Ji’ or equivalent will be the equalizer.

Authenticity: Course curriculum, programs, and services will be consistent with authentic Vedic teachings that are the common ground of all Hindu practice traditions and sampradayas.

Relevance: Programs will focus on practical aspects of life and living, spanning all stages of life – from childhood through school and college, family life, parenting, and elder years.

Community Engagement & Sustainability: HCI will actively engage the community through volunteer recruitment, financial contributions, and outreach programs.

Collaborations: HCI will endeavor to enhance its value to the community by collaborating with various partner organizations, including but not limited to colleges, universities, Hindu/Vedic spiritual groups & interfaith institutions.

HCI Program Offerings

HCI offers innovative and critically needed community services programs. 

Learning to Serve

Join the “Counselor of Hindu Tradition” (CHT) course for professionals desiring to serve the community as trained volunteers. Classes are online on Sundays, open to active/retired persons of all ages and backgrounds.

Volunteer Services 

Trained HCI volunteers offer free guidance on matters relating to Hindu tradition for life events (such as the passage of life, last rites, celebrations), and non-obligatory referrals in areas of wellness such as elder care, yoga, meditation and nutrition. Call (510) 952-7934

 Wellness Community  

HCI’s Community For Immunity (CFI) offers forums and free daily yoga/meditation classes online, with special sessions for children and 60+ participants. These classes are taught by highly respected and experienced instructors. 

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