As a non-profit institution, founded on Hindu Vedic traditions and values, HCI is committed to adhering to the highest ethical standards and conduct. It is fully understood that all volunteers, donors and supporters are attracted to HCI because of the novelty of its mission and full transparency and accountability of its operations. Therefore, all stakeholders of HCI, including Board members, employees, and volunteers are expected to commit to the highest standards of integrity, honesty, fairness, openness, respect for all, and responsibility towards the advancement of the mission of HCI. HCI represents and welcomes ALL Hindus, regardless of their affiliations, beliefs, practices, etc. Therefore, anyone identifying himself/herself as a Hindu or a friend of or believer in the Hindu tradition is welcome to participate and help at a level that fits his/her background and experience, etc.  Where there are equals, merit and experience will be the criteria, not any specific affiliation.

The Board of Directors and management team are responsible for setting the strategic direction and for the oversight of policies, operations, finances, and all other aspects of HCI. Specifically, they have the responsibility of putting in place and managing:

  • Processes for strict adherence to the rules of governance

  • Code of conduct for all stakeholders

  • Mechanisms of raising funds on a timely basis

  • Conflict of interest policy and compliance

  • Setting performance goals and their measurements

  • Authorizing individuals for committing funds and making payments

  • Authorizing individuals as spokespersons for HCI

  • Strong working relationships between Board, employees, volunteers, and all others

  • Ensuring inclusive HR policies where applicable ensuring fairness and inclusiveness

  • Providing regular progress reports to the donors and the community

  • Maintaining strategic relationships with institutions of the Hindu and other faiths


HCI will regularly measure the outcomes and effectiveness of its programs. Along with progress reports, there will be an emphasis on best practices and lessons learned for future programs. HCI will strive to put in place a system of continuous improvements in both the effectiveness and efficiency of its programs.

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