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With the initial implementation in the SF Bay Area, HCI has aspirations of scaling across the US and the Diaspora. Towards that end, there are scholars enrolled in the 2019-20 CHT class from 7-different US states.

1.    Service-Learning Education Programs: The course “Counselor of Hindu Tradition” (CHT)  is available to working  & retired professionals who wish to serve the community as trained volunteers. CHT's are free to serve through HCI’s Ananda Corps or through other service organizations of their choice. 
2.    Service Infrastructure & Processes: Ananda Corps (AC), a state-of-the-art call-in system for guidance on Hindu tradition, such as the passage of life as well as wellness and quality of life matters is due to be announced during 2020.
3.    Community For Immunity Programs: In response to COVID-19  lock-ins, HCI launched an extensive wellness program of daily yoga and meditation classes, with special offerings for children and 60+ participants.  These classes are augmented with forums for networking, sharing ideas, skills, nutrition, and more. We intend to continue these successful programs for the foreseeable future.

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