Cremation Ceremony list

Note that the list may change depending on the following. List is for a north Indian family. 

  • Deceased is male or female;

  • family is north Indian, South Indian , or from other part of India 

  • Whether son or daughter is performing the ceremonies.

  • Priest choice

Typical List of items needed for ceremony just prior to cremation

  1. Flowers for pooja, a bunch

  2. Bananas 4

  3. Earthen diya

  4. Incense or Agarbatti

  5. Oil for diya

  6. Cotton batti for diya

  7. Tulsi  plant seeds 

  8. Rice powder, 1/2 kg

  9. Honey, small bottle

  10. White sugar, small pack

  11. Milk, small pack

  12. Small water bottles, 2  

  13. Ghee, small amount

  14. Black sesame seeds (til) 100 gms

  15. Small mud pot with a hole

  16. 2 steel plates

  17. Chandan powder 

  18. Bason Vibhuti 

  19. Ganga jal, small amount

  20. Panch ratna 

  21. Matches

All items were available from a local Indian grocery store, India Bazar in Dublin/Pleasanton.  Other Indian grocery stores expected to carry as well.

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