Deceased Essential Information

Typical Information on the deceased while making funeral arrangements

  1. Guardian/ Responsible family member or friend

  2. Death Certificate (if available, or due date)

  3. Deceased's Full name,  other names (AKA); name to match on driver license and Social Security card. 

  4. Home address and telephone number

  5. Employer's or business name, address, and telephone # (if applicable)

  6. Occupation

  7. Date and Place of birth

  8. Citizenship and Residency country status

  9. Father's name and birthplace

  10. Mother's name and birthplace

  11. Military Service, and Serial no (if applicable)

  12. Any specific instructions from Will of the deceased

  13. Autopsy Report (if applicable)

  14. Gotra of the deceased (for Hindu Last Rites)

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