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Funding, with Om Dollars Doing Heavy Lifting

The founding team has provided most of the seed funding. Plans are now underway for public and grant funding for specific projects.  HCI has also successfully utilized its own informal currency of Om Dollars to recognize and acknowledge the equivalent monetary value of volunteer contributions. To date over 80% of HCI efforts have been funded with Om Dollars.

Our Gratitude to all Contributors (Om Dollars & US Dollars)

We salute all who make things happen at HCI with their Om Dollar and US Dollar contributions. HCI’s 160+ contributors include financial donors, yoga and meditation teachers, visiting HCI faculty, teaching associates, program managers and coordinators, and Board and Resident Faculty. 

Funding Appeal  for  Donation

Our appeal for YOUR generous donations. As you can see from our accomplishments of the last two years, we have developed a committed Team HCI, as well as a growth strategy and momentum. We require contributions of $300 K from the community to put HCI’s training and community services on a solid footing.  Our funding needs include  2-3 paid part-time employees, office expenses, and work towards the accreditation of HCI. 

Donors will be happy to note that thus far HCI has operated with a 9x leverage, meaning for every $1 cash received in donations, volunteers contributed $9ॐ (Nine Om Dollars) in value to HCI. HCI plans to maintain this ratio above 5X.

We require $300k contributions from the community to put HCI’s services on a solid footing. For the coming year, HCI’s Om Dollar volunteer contributions are already committed and in place. 2020 funds- proposed use of proceeds: 

1) The third CHT course starting in September, 2020.
2) Launch $ operation of Ananda Corps services starting in Q3 2020.
3) Support of Covid-19 related Community For Immunity programs
4) HCI accreditation process readiness


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We hope you will contribute generously by clicking the following button 



or mail your check to HCI at

19538 Vineyard Lane,  Saratoga, CA 95070.

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