Funeral Cost Estimates

​Important Notes

  • Funeral costs can vary over a very wide range, from $2,000 to $30,000 and more, depending on services required and from one funeral home to another. 

  • Family member or friend should ask specific and detailed questions to minimize surprises. 

  • Every small service has a cost associated with it, these include moving the body, viewing the body at funeral home prior to cremation, preparing memorial packages, coroner fees, washing and dressing the body, embalming the body, witnessing cremation, flowers, and many many more. 

  • Weekend and holiday funeral services cost substantially more.  

  • Costs of Hindu priest services are not included. 

  • Only one death certificate is included in stated costs

  • Listed below are rough cost estimates for selected set of cremation related services.


Basic minimum cremation packageIncludes the following.

Cost approximately $2000 to $3000

Basic support of staff

Securing necessary permits

Two (2) days of refrigeration

Basic casket

Basic urn 


State fees

Sales tax on merchandise 

Local transfer of remains to mortuary

Cremation with Viewing, Includes all those under Basic minimum cremation package:

Cost approximately $4000 to $6000

Also includes embalming the body, washing, & dressing 
Visitation and viewing on the day of cremation 
Witnessing cremation  
Cremation fees

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