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Founded in the SF Bay Area, Hindu Community Institute (HCI) is the first-of-its-kind service-learning institution for the global Hindu diaspora. It provides a strong platform for universal community service founded on Hindu tradition and wisdom.


Learn to Serve

Learn to serve as a Counselor of Hindu Tradition (CHT). Our flagship 8-month weekend course improves your quality of life and that of the community, by activating your innate capacity to serve the community at large.

Request Volunteer Services 

Trained HCI volunteers offer free guidance on matters relating to Hindu tradition for life events (such as the passage of life, last rites, celebrations), and non-obligatory referrals in areas of wellness such as elder care, yoga, meditation and nutrition.

Call (510) 952-7934

Join Wellness community

HCI offers several daily free programs online for yoga and meditation with popular teachers from around the world. We also have an active 60+ virtual forum.

Our distinguished panel of mentors and SMEs are available to answer your questions.

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The Hindu tradition offers many perspectives and practices to enhance one’s quality of life. These include the philosophical underpinnings of the celebrations, rites of passage, work, health, time, life’s objectives, community wellbeing, and the self.



HCI is planning to launch a Community Service Organization to be known as Ananda Corps, a network of dedicated and trained volunteers whose mission is to serve the San Francisco Bay Area Community in matters of life and living, including celebrating joyful life events and dealing with episodes and transitions of the Passage of Life.

Ananda Corps



HCI requires some funding support for its free services to the community. Your tax-free donations are matched by volunteer hours with a 9x leverage.  Please donate generously one-time or set up a monthly donation

HCI Program Offerings

Counsellor of Hindu Tradition (CHT) Course

Join the “Counselor of Hindu Tradition” (CHT) course for professionals desiring to serve the community as trained volunteers. Classes are online on Sundays, open to active/retired persons of all ages and backgrounds.

Free Online Yoga & Meditation

Struggling with Self-isolation during these times? Join our Community supported free yoga - meditation classes

Virtual 60+ Forum

HCI invites you to a new 60+ virtual forum. We will meet weekly to share stories, ideas, and make friends.

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Team HCI

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