The Hindu Community Institute exists for the community. These challenging times have been a reminder of the importance of our mission, and the urgency with which we must act. Team  HCI  has started new high-value programs to support the community while staying the course on established programs.  We are pleased to give you a summary here.

A. Launched a major community wellness program- 23,000 attendees in 14 weeks (class seats. Soon after the COVID-19 lockdown, Team HCI jumped into action and created a US-wide community wellness program called “Community For Immunity”, CFI, that delivers seven daily yoga and meditation classes free. Our cadre of 40+ experienced instructors has conducted over 675 classes, including separate classes for seniors and kids. The US-wide response has been beyond our expectations, as over 23,000 student-seats have been occupied through the end of June. We also began a 60+ discussion forum.

You, your families, and friends are welcome to register: https://www.hinduci.org/online-yoga

B. Launched Hindu Last Rites services: The HCI website now offers information on Hindu, Jain, and Sikh Last Rites in simple, practical terms and a phone number is available to those who seek further information from volunteer counselors. https://www.hinduci.org/last-rites

C. Graduating CHT Course-2 and Announcing CHT Course-3 on Aug 16th, 10.30 AM-noon. The Second Counselor of the Hindu Tradition (CHT) course is scheduled to graduate on August 16th, 2020. Twenty-five scholars from 7 US states will be ready for volunteer services with enthusiasm. They have been trained to provide guidance and referrals on matters of Hindu Tradition and wellness. Stay tuned for the invitation to attend.


D. Announcing a call-in Volunteer Services (VS) for greater Bay Area. Starting in Q3 2020, HCI will announce the call-in phone number for the community to dial for  free guidance from service volunteers on matters of Hindu Tradition (like last rites and celebrations) and  wellness (such as yoga, meditation, elder care, etc.)   

E.  Our gratitude to all 160+ Contributors to HCI (Om Dollars & US Dollars). We salute all who make things happen at HCI with their Om Dollar and US Dollar contributions. HCI’s 160+ contributors include financial donors, yoga and meditation teachers, visiting HCI faculty, teaching associates, program managers and coordinators, and Board and Resident Faculty.

F. Our appeal for YOUR generous donations. As you can see from our accomplishments of the last two years, we have developed a committed Team HCI, as well as a growth strategy and momentum. We require contributions of $300 K from the community to put HCI’s training and community services on a solid footing.  Our funding needs include  2-3 paid part-time employees, office expenses, and work towards the accreditation of HCI. 

We hope you will contribute generously via the HCI website https://www.hinduci.org/donate, or mail your check to HCI at 19538 Vineyard Lane, Saratoga, CA 95070.

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