HCI will provide regular progress reports to donors and other stakeholders, as well as the community at large.


All solicitation materials will be unambiguous and disclose important and relevant information to potential donors. Aspects such as privacy will be managed consistent with the donor wishes and as per applicable federal and state laws. Specifically, HCI will manage and respect donor relations by keeping them informed about:

  • Mission and use of funds

  • Profiles of individuals serving in Board and management positions

  • Regular financial reports

  • Assure that funds directed to a project are deployed accordingly

  • Full and proper authorization of persons soliciting funds for HCI

  • Not to share donor names without their written authorization

  • To feel free to ask questions when making a donation and to receive prompt and forthright answers

  • Choice of donating to HCI or to specific programs

  • Observing programs as a guest by invitation



All decision-makers within HCI will be required to sign an agreement relative to full disclosure and conflict of interest in handling hiring, promotions, firing, spending, contract management, etc. involving people and finds. The Board will treat any violations with strict and maximum consequences allowed by law.



Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will HCI tolerate ANY BEHAVIOR on the part of ANY OF ITS STAKEHOLDERS that may be seen as harassment or sexual harassment in terms of verbal, physical, emotional or other forms of communications, behavior or treatment of others. Once known, management will take full actions, including the engagement of the applicable law and order authorities.

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