Nurture and articulate Hindu wisdom through education and community service programs with the active engagement of the community.



HCI will develop, conduct and facilitate community education, services and related training, rooted in the Hindu tradition, for the 250,000 Hindu population of the Bay Area.




  • Authenticity: Courses and Programs will be consistent with authentic Vedic teachings that are the common ground of all Hindu Sampradayas  ​

  • Inclusiveness: Initiatives will include and represent all Sampradayas, schools of thought, philosophies, beliefs and practices of the Hindu world

  • Relevance: Programs will address all stages of life – from childhood through school and college, family life, parenting and the elderly

  • Collaborations: HCI will endeavor to enhanced value delivery in collaboration with various partner organizations i.e. Schools, Colleges, Universities and Hindu Spiritual groups

  • Community Engagement & Sustainability: HCI will actively engage the community through volunteers, financial support, and outreach programs

  • A Model Institution: The governance, operations and community services of HCI will follow the highest standards, such that other communities may also find it attractive to replicate

Hindu Community Institute is a 501c(3) non-profit California corporation dedicated to service learning