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Volunteer Services

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Trained HCI volunteers offer free guidance on matters relating to Hindu tradition for life events (such as the passage of life, last rites, celebrations), and non-obligatory referrals in areas of wellness such as elder care, yoga, meditation and nutrition.

Call (510) 952-7934  

HCI is open to all in the community with a desire_to_serve to enroll as volunteers. The most gratifying aspect to the Volunteer Service is ability to earn Om Dollars. Any prior experience of community service is preferred but not necessary.


We have multiple opportunities where you can contribute, these include:

Handling incoming Service Requests
Helping in organizing HCI events,

such as :

the unique CHT program 
Organizing HCI outreach programs
Taking up administrative, creative, other professional services responsibilities 

Last Rites

Hindu Last Rites

Hindu Vedic traditions go back thousands of years. These traditions are being adapted for the modern diaspora. HCI aspires to be the guidance center for the community, temples and funeral homes in regard to the performance of last rites by families and community. 


Receive information on Hindu celebrations such as naming ceremony, graduations and weddings from HCI volunteers and Pandit counselors.

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